Life Group Discussion Questions for 12.09.18

WEEK OF 12.09.18

Ice Breaker

When you’re sick are you a “leave me alone” person or a “smother me with attention” person?

Dig Deeper

We’ve made it to the end of James. Look over all five chapters and highlight the verses or main point that seemed to be most helpful to you (each person pick one or two).

Read James 5 and then focus on this last section. How does the end of James fit into the overall structure of the letter?

Look over the main points from the sermon and discuss anything “new” that you hadn’t seen before or something you may have been reminded of.

Are you a “pray first” kind of person or a “when all else fails, pray” kind?

Who is one person you know you can count on to pray for you when life is hard?

James says a curious thing about being happy. Have you ever talked yourself into being happy? What works for you?

Talk about the Philip Yancey quote.

Personal Application

As we conclude our study of James and enter the Christmas season, what things are you “considering all joy” as an individual or as a family right now?