Life Group Discussion Questions for 11.18.18

WEEK OF 11.18.18

Ice Breaker

Thinking back through this past week:

-What is one thing that you’re thankful for?

-What is one area that was a challenge for you or someone close to you?

Who is one person in your life you turn to for advice?

-Why do you turn to that person?

Dig Deeper

Read James 4:11-17

Read James 4:11-17 again from a different translation (try: Amplified and/or the Message)

How would you Summarize this passage? (“Reader’s Digest” approach; not every detail)

What do we learn about People from this passage?

What do we learn about GOD from this passage?

Life Application

How will you put this passage into practice?

-Suggestion: Write down at least one “I will…” statement

-Self-Reflection: How will your life change when you obey what you learned in this passage?

-Focus on S.M.A.R.T. “I will…” statements: (Specific / Measurable / Action-oriented / Realistic / Time-bound)

Who will you share this with?

-Who needs to hear what I’ve learned from this passage?

-Yes, this week! Who needs to hear this?

Looking back at the Challenges mentioned in the Ice Breaker:

-How can we (your Life Group) help with one of the challenges you’re facing?